Relocation of Space Photons Observatory

Space Photons Observatory is relocating in January 2015 to the Northlands community in Peoria, AZ (west of 99th Av & Jomax Rd., northwest of Phoenix).  The image below marks the new location.


It has been planned to convert the existing structure to an Astrohaven 7’ clamshell design.  Observatory operations will cease during the property and remote observatory transition. 

More updates will be provided as the relocation plans progress...

New “Dark Sky Quality” Tab Added

I have added a new live monioring tab called Dark Sky Quality.  It is a live readout (during the night only) of the present dark sky quality for the Space Photons Observatory location.  During the day, the previous night’s readings will be displayed...

Shutter Controller Has Returned!

The shutter controller is back and installed into the observatory.  The added feature of monitoring the battery voltage is working nicely.  The feature is needed to close the shutter prior to total battery failure…

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.20.00 PM

3nm Filters Have Returned!

My 3nm filters for the Ha, OIII, SII, and NII gas emission lines have been returned after inspection from the manufacturer!  Now, I can return to working on getting some color images in the Huble Palette format and RGB nebulosity…

I had to get the OIII filter replaced due to manufacturer defects.  So, at the same time, I had Astrodon inspect the others, just in case.  After all, these filters are just shy of $1,000 a piece!


New APCC software and firmware installed!

I got around to installing my delivered rev. U firmware and APCC RC51 beta software.  Astro-Physics has allowed me to be one of the beta testers for their Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) software throughout the release candidate (RC) software evaluations.  I look forward to fully test this much-anticipated command center software for my Astro-Physics mounts!

Shutter Controller Box Upgrade

The shutter controller box has been sent in to Foster Systems for some circuitry upgrades to monitor the battery voltage of the shutter controls.  This is added security so that the shutters have time to close before total battery failure.  Should the battery start falling below its nominal potential, the shutters will close and remain closed until the battery is replaced…

APCC is coming!!!

I just got notification that Astro-Physics has shipped my rev. U firmware chip for my AP1200GTO CP3 german-equatorial mount that will pave the way in incorporating the long-awaited Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC)!

Look for more details soon...

Major Updates with Observatory Control Software

Actual astrophotography tasks and projects have been on hiatus while I perform some much needed adjustments to the observatory mount and update the controls to the latest and greatest firmware and software.  I am very excited about this long-awaited enhancement!  Below are some screenshots of the new command center controls…

Stay tuned!!!

Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC)

New "Portable Setup" Tab Added

I've decided a new Portable Setup tab was needed to show the equipment I use on-the-go.  More stuff to be added here in due time!

Major Changes!

I've decided that the website needed some sprucing up…

Hope it is appealing enough to visit often!  ;o)